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What is a Shine Session?

Shine sessions are designed to accommodate families of those with special needs.

Why this project is so important to me....

I have been working in the photography industry for four years now. The thing that stands out to me most is that I do not get many inquiries from families with a baby, child or adult that has special needs, nor do I see them in other local photographers portfolios.

As the sibling of a sister with special needs - Angela, my younger sister has Angleman's Syndrome - I have had lots of conversations with my mum about why we never had family portraits done and why others may not also. For her, it came down to worrying that my sister wouldn't behave herself, sit still enough, look where the photographer needed her to or even engage with the photographer. As a result we have almost no photos of us as a whole family when we were growing up. This truly saddens me.

With this project I would love to show our local community, and even further afield, that portrait sessions are a possible and important keepsake for everyone; that the style of photography can be suited to those with different needs, and that there are photographers out there who are completely at ease when working with families where special needs have to be taken into account. I believe that every life should be celebrated in a photo for now and for future generations.

These sessions will be called "Shine Sessions" in the hopes to shine a light on photography for those with special needs. My aim is to also raise money, while raising awareness... every little bit counts.

75% of the session fee, and a portion of the print sales will go to the charity that is the closest to your heart (you just need to let me know which one.) Family members can also book a Shine Session, and take advantage of donating to a cause, and getting some beautiful photos while they're at it.

How are the Shine Sessions Different?

The Shine sessions will generally allow for any special considerations that may need to be made, to take into account the health, safety, happiness and well being of all involved. As these families generally have higher needs, these sessions work around your time frames.
~ We are able to have several meet and greets in the lead up to the day of your session, to plan the finer details and to create a familiarity with me.
~ Unlimited session times. This is to allow for a very relaxed, slow paced session to make sure everyone is comfortable and to allow time for any medical treatments, medication breaks, rests or meal times.